trouble burning cd w/ samsung sh-223c and nero

newbie to these forums here, having unreasonable amount of trouble burning cds using samsung sh-223c drives and nero in various configurations. We are a media production company, so we need these to come out not only working, but have some other criteria must meet (no burn rings, etc). We had been using samsung sh-s183 and sh-223q drives and nero 7 ultimate without issue. We make 'masters' from a computer using that configuration and then make mass copies using burning towers. It looks like those drives are now discontinued. Tried samsung sh-223b and v. l drives and get burn rings. Also tried some Sony Optiarc (not sure version) and also burn rings. While these discs seem good and play, the rings are unacceptable for our purposes. Tried the v. c drive and this is where it got confusing.

Was able to burn a disc successfully, smooth burn, no rings. Played in a computer correctly (saw 23 3 minute tracks). When putting into a regular cd player (discman, car) it will see all 23 tracks, but only will play the first track which is 65-70 minutes. All other tracks will not play. Also, could burn 5-7 discs successfully, then the entire computer would lock up. This was tested on two different machines, one w/ clean updated install of Win XP Pro SP3 32-bit w/ different hardware. Both machines would occasionally lock up w/ the v. c drive and Nero 7. Tried the trial of Nero 9 full version, same results, the lock up and unable to play back in cd players. I then tried burning audio cd w/ Win Media Player, and that disc would play correctly in a cd player. But when tried making copies w/ a burn tower w/ sh-223c drives, same result of cd players unable to play all tracks.

We really just need this to work as before. We can't rely on hunting down discontinued drives to purchase (we go through a lot of drives). Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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I'm an avid user of Nero so it's right down my path.
Run your finger round the edge of the cde disc, sometimes you might find a small strip of plastic sticking out, it's worth taking that moment to check the edges.
Which is which??  the burning towers are they the problem? Samsung?
or is that the CD rom drives?
 I look at is what is the burn speed on the disc. This the recomended burn speed for those discs
For quality cd I use verbatum CD-R, Sony CD-R
as the main area of cd or dvd is the mirror.
The burn rings could be caused by a couple of things like when it changes the write speed on the disc
look here

My personal choice for DVD rom combo is the LG brands
samsung sh-s183  are not a highly rated rom drive

Upgrading Nero is not the key IMHO, the version I stayed with was Nero Ultimate 7, even though they say it will not work in windows 7, mine works fine probably cause it's the boxed version.
Version 9 is the recomended for W7 if you want the Nero Image drive. I can live without it and use other tools to create an image. Or get a virtual drive.
Have you considered creating a master image? ISO image?
the thing is the original audio / mp3 files must remain in the same place until you're done burning all the discs
Making an audio disc in WMP converts the mp3 to CDA. You want to stick with mp3 if posible, as soon as you create CDA any MS media players will automatically lookup the CDDB.
mp3 it doesnt
make a data disc.
AIFF or Apple Lossless encoder will preserve the high-quality sound found on the CD.
WAV also has a high quality
tantormediaAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete, thanks for the comments.  The discs are physically fine, we purchase these in bulk by the 10s of thousands, issue occurs on all.  Nero Discspeed reports the discs as Taiyo Yuden.  It looks as if the issue is the drives as we have issues with them (the drive) in both a pc and in the burn towers.  The drive model is the sh-223c, we actually did not have problems with the sh-s183.

Tired upgrading Nero due to fact that the computer would occasionally lock up when burning to these drives with Nero and the burned discs wouldn't play in a cd player, but when burning a disc with another piece of software (Win Media Player or Burn Express) it would complete and play in a cd player.  BUT, when taking that 'good' disc and attempting to make many duplicates on the burn towers using the sh-223c drive, the same issue of playback appears.  To reiterate, I can take a good disc, try to duplicate on a dummy burn tower, and can only play the first track of the copy.

I understand that the burn rings from the Sony's were caused by the z-clv write strategy, and unfortuanatly that won't work for our purposes.

Due to our work load, making iso images most likely is not realistic, but I will try it for testing purposes.  The original audio files we are burning are .wav.
Hi tantormedia, I dont have experience with burning 1000's of discs at once but at an educated guess  it wouldnt be any different from burning a couple of duplicates.., I really believe that copying from disc to disc is probably the main problem, since the burn speed >copy direct depends on the ide or sata  transfer rate and the spin speeds from the master disc to the new blank,
burning an iso image is straight off the hard disc so you wouldn't encounter any lags in the burn.
in refs to>
 taking that 'good' disc and attempting to make many duplicates on the burn towers

I had a look at a cd burning tower for some references. here's one that confirms my thinking !!!
With optional built-in hard drive for caching, you can store DVD and CD images on the hard drive making the burning process even faster and more reliable.
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tantormediaAuthor Commented:
Hi again, our burn towers do have an option to save to hard drive before copying, I will test that and see what the results are.
Good, look forward to your results :)
tantormediaAuthor Commented:
latest update, purchased a few samsung sh-s243n drives to test.  marked improvement (I can play a burned audio cd in a regular cd player now).  the only issue seem to have now, is that burning with nero, nero only gives the option of burning at 48x, and occasionally while burning at that speed get buffer underrun warnings.  I used the nero drive speed tool and it then detected all the available burn speeds, was able to burn a cd set at 32x.  But, after that completed and went to burn another cd, nero reverted back to giving me only 48x as an option.  And if this should now be considered a new thread, just let me know.  thanks
tantormediaAuthor Commented:
we purchased some of the samsung sh-s243n drives and w/ nero 7 ultimate, things appear to be working now.

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