Goldmine Error while viewing contact's notes

Our Goldmine 6.5 database files sits on a shared drive, on a Windows 2003 server. I restarted our Windows 2003 server while a user was typing notes for a contact. Now, when we view the contact and click on Notes, the error message below comes up, and the contents of the Notes are not displayed. I copied the contents of that particular contact's notes from a backup copy of a few days back, but when I try to paste the text, I get an error message as well. And the Notes still can't be viewed and remains empty. How can I put the notes text back, since I have a copy of the text?

-------------------Error message pasted below----------------------------------
Database Error!

An error occured accessing the database files. Listed below are specifics which may help identify the cause of the error.

Corrupt Memo/BLOB file.

Context: Blob

1: File: \\\goldmine\chicago contact database\Contact1.DBT

BDE Error Cat:Code: [35:3]
BDE: 500 [4/11/1999]  GoldMine: 6.50.40304

User: username
Window: contact's name

FILENAME: \\\goldmine\chicago contact database\Contact1.DBT
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1. Be certain you've got a good backup.
2. Try re-building your contact1 table, as follows:

File | Maintain Databases | Individual Files | Contact 1 | Rebuild & Pack, plus Verify | Next | Next | Finish.

Your contact1.dbf and/or dbt files may have gotten corrupt. If re-building doesn't work, you may want to restore the contact1.*  and contact2.* files from backup.

If it turns out that you're absolutely sure only this record is affected, you can reproduce the record as follows:

1. Create a new record with the same Company and Contact info.
2. Use Tools | Merge/Purge | Merge Visible (or Merge Tagged)

The Merge Tagged option works by using ctrl-click while viewing the records in the Search Center; The Merge Visible option works by viewing both records on screen at the same time (View | New Contact Window)

Good luck!

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GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/DeveloperCommented:
Unfortunateley 99% of the time if the DBT file is corrupted you will loose all the notes for all contacts

Your only choice really is to restore the CONTACT.* files from a known good backup.

Is this a Syncroniztion system (do you have remote users?)

The only problem is you will loose any contact information you created/amended since that backup!

My steps to fix this error are as follows
1. File > Syncronize > Syncronization Wizard
2. Start a new session.
3. Create a new transfer set
4. Choose a location to save it too
5. Select the tick boxes for "Primary Contacts" only
6. Select the contact set.
7.Tick to ignore cutoff.
8. Save profile "no"

Now it will keep erroring as the process runs, just hold the esc key to skip all the errors.

This will build a sync of all the contacts new and updated with no notes as the notes portion is damaged.

Close GoldMine,  Restore the CONTACT.* files - remove or rename the CONTTLOG.* files, re-launch goldmine.

1. File > Syncronize > Syncronization Wizard
2. Start a new session.
3. Retrieve a transfer set
4. Choose a location to of the created sync
5. Select Primary contacts
6. Select the contact set name and the drop down make the contact set name also
7. Save profile "no"

You will have your contacts back with the notes of all the contacts upto the backup and any new/updates since the backup.

I have used this method on many occations..
GMGeniusSoftware Development Manager/DeveloperCommented:
Also note.

Rebuilding the CONTACT1 table often fails when the notes portion (DBT) is damaged.
bobox00Author Commented:
I found the solution here, which you have included in your answer. Thanks the comprehensive answer.
bobox00Author Commented:
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