Information about ooVoo regarding security or recommended video chat software.


I would like to know if OOVOO is safe and secure for video/audio chatting?  I did some research on SKYPE and found that the risks outweighed the benefits in terms of Identity Theft, etc.  Can you let me know if OOVOO is more secure or recommend another product similar that is.

Thank you
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No sorry I personally can't, from what I have read it's good and may beat Skype oneday
read what others have to say..
Oovoo vs. Skype - Which is Better For You?

 but you need to see outside the circle and how your identity is at risk simply being on the internet regardless of what you do there or what software you use.
The more popular tools like Skype have been the mainstream and offer more protection through experience and updates. But as they become more popular it's up to the individual to become more savvy with the internet and whom you share your PC with. As you know even family can open emails that are viruses. And share stuff that maybe dangerous.
Be educated and stay in touch with what's the new risks.

Your Anti virus Software is the best protection keeping it up to date everyday.. such as the AVG
Which not only protects you from bad links but also privacy
The new Internet Explorer 8 has added features to protect your identity so it pays to upgrade your internet browser if you use IE.
Or use Maxthon or Opera which are not targetted like the Microsoft products
Hope it assists
Anthony RussoCommented:
Oovoo and Skye are both open to security risks. The way to minimize your risks would be to use an HTTPS encrypted connection for your videoconferencing. There are company's that offer this ability to insure that if your signal is intercepted, it is not in an unencrypted form.

This in no way is a 100% guarantee of security as nothing on the Internet ever can be, but if you are on a https connection, it is going to be more secure than a standard http connection.

As I am associated with a company offering such service, it is a violation of EE TOS for me to make company recommendations here. If you would like to try out some services, feel free to contact me through my profile on EE.

Good luck,

jmattson30Author Commented:
Thanks for the link comparing OOVOO and Skype.  This gave me some information to make a decision, which is what I was looking for.  Have a great day!
You're most welcome glad i was able to assist
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