internal workstation temp

I have a dell precision workstation that freezes up several times a day for a user. i performed the system self-diagnostics and everything came back fine. How can I monitor the temperature of the processor or heat levels in general?
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This is what I use for all my computer heat issues.  It monitors all temperature censors your computer has.

It's called Speedfan.
I have found Speedfan useful.  Check it out at,

It monitors temperatures through the internal sensors on the computer and hard drives.  On top of viewing it can be configured to do email alerts etc.

It also tracks fan speeds and voltages.

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Doh, should have refreshed after I got off the phone.
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I doubt it is overheating. My main laptop is a Precision m6300 workstation. I had the same kind of freezing problems and it was passing all the Dell Diagnostic tests, nevertheless....freezing several times a day.
It turned out to be a bad memory stick when I ran the long multiple iterations test and left it running overnight. The constant freezing and rebooting also damaged my hard drive so I ended having to replace it as well.
These laptops normally run very hot 59-70 C .... (it will depend on which processor it has)....
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Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
MotherBoard Monitor is a good alternative to SpeedFan

It could be temp-related, but it also could be software, or what BitsBytes suggests.  Try running on 50% of your RAM and see how it is - if still stable, try the other 50%.  MemTest86 is another decent RAM tester.  The only way to test your software is to either run for a significant period in Safe Mode, or to use an alternative OS - make a bootable Knoppix CD, and run for an hour or ten on that...
geriatricgeekAuthor Commented:
I have reinstalled software and drivers ad nauseum. I swapped out the video card with another machine and the other machine has had so problems (so far). i'm thinking either memory (it has 4 GB) or mother board or fans. I think i'll try the memory next.
Run the Dell "extended tests" available after you run the "pre-boot tests" by pressing F11.... People usually don't give the Dell Diagnostics much credit and it turns out that they are excellent.....
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geriatricgeekAuthor Commented:
I ran extended Dell tests and re-ran the freezes up tests and everything came back as 'passed all tests'.  I let it run overnight so it had enough time to complete the self diagnosis. now what?
Software.... I you passed all the diagnostics, the problem is with the either the OS or some application freezing it.
Has the user mentioned a sequence of events that freezes his computer (I would ask just in case)?. Otherwise your are looking at a Windows Repair install or a Clean Install (whichever you prefer).
See the attached document that will help you through the process...
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geriatricgeekAuthor Commented:
actually he has. when using Solidworks and doing a 'zoom ' on a drawing is where it all started. I have uninstalled and re-installed Solidworks, but the user has said the freezing continued. It has even happened when not using SolidWorks but ust using MS office software. Windows repair, huh?
You have tested all the hardware and not found any problem. The Dell Diagnostics are very good. You could try other tests for the memory and/or the hard drive.

For memory tests.. go to download the memtest86+ free software and test your memory.

For hard drive tests, here is a list of hard drive tests you can get depending on the manufacturer of your hard drive (these are usually very good):

IBM and Hitachi 
Western Digital 
Spinrite is not brand specific but it is also very good.... 
You could also download from the boot CD and run the hard drive and memory tests provided with knoppix there.
Other than this, if you know when the problem started, you could try going back to a restore point but I really doubt it will be helpful.
What you have to analyze at this point is how much time you want to spend on this machine.... (in my opinion)...
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geriatricgeekAuthor Commented:
It is a relatively new machine and is still under warranty. I have also contacted Dell but they were directionless for a while. the temperature thing did shed more light on the situation.
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