Flash Drive Problem

I have  an old laptop running bespoke software, The laptop
currently runs Windows 98SE. The flash drive stopped working with the
laptop but works fine with Windows XP on another laptop albeit with 2Gb
partitioned off.

Technically, what happens when XP formats a flash drive to render it
unusable by 98SE? Does it change the Registry i.e. make an unnecessary and
easily reversed change which blocks 98SE and is this cured by 98SE Service
Pack 1 or Service Pack 2?
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Nenad RajsicCommented:
if your flash drive is formatted by XP then it's probably in NTFS file system and windows 98 cannot read it because of that.
 if you format it again and change the file system to FAT32 windows 98 and XP should be able to see and change files on your drive without any problems

you can also download and install NTFS for windows 98. Just google it
It probably got formatted as NTFS instead of FAT32.
JRMCoAuthor Commented:
Thankyou folks speedy replys as always
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