Group Policy setting to prevent Office 2003 files from opening in IE8

We have a windows domain and I'm having issues opening .ppt files from a website.  They will only open in Internet Explorer and not Powerpoint.  I have looked at some sites with suggested registry edits but have not been able to get them to work.  I have many computers that need to be able to access the ppt files with powerpoint and am hoping there is something that can be pushed out in group policy to disable internet explorer from opening office docs.  The PCs are running Windows XP Pro with Office 2003 Standard.  It's a Server 2008 domain.  All users that will be logging into these PCs are power users.  If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.
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What registry settings have you tried?
From memory to prevent Office Documents from opening in a Web Browser, you need to modify the file association and remove the "Open in same window" option.

When changing that option on my computer, the following valuename and value is added to registry:

hbmonlineAuthor Commented:
That is the registry setting I changed.  The Browser Flags key is currently set to 8.  When I click a web link to open the ppt file it just opens up full screen in explorer.  
Just out of curiosity what is the file extension? Is it deffinately PPT and not something like a PPTX?

Also havee you had a look at the File Association settings for PowerPoint files?
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hbmonlineAuthor Commented:
It is a ppt extension.  I looked at the Powerpoint file type associations and they are fine.  The problem is only when trying to open a ppt file from the web.  
So the "Browse in same window" option is definately not checked for any PowerPoint files?
hbmonlineAuthor Commented:
That is correct.
OK, I am assuming then that what you are actually after is for PPT files to open in Edit Mode in PowerPoint?

If that's the case change BrowserFlags to: a

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hbmonlineAuthor Commented:
Psy053, that worked perfectly!!!!  Thank you so much.  Now, the second hurdle.  I have about 250 workstations I need to push this out to.  Anyone have suggestions on a nice quick way to push this registry change out with group policy?
Do you have any existing Group Policy Login or Startup Scripts?

If you do, you could save the setting to a .reg file (see Snippet), and then add something like the following line to your Login or Startup Script to apply it:

regedit.exe /s ppt.reg
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


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