program works under one profile but not another

I'm trying to run a internet based video application { and when I try to asccess it under the user 1 profile it gives me a error but when I try to run the exact same program under the admin account it works fine. I have uninstalled & reinstalled the adobe flash player and also tried to setup her with power user & admin rights but still get the error both times. If i go back into admin the program works just fine. The user is running as part of SBS 2003 R2 network with 10 users using win xp pro on the workstations.
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Give them Admin Rights, and have them log back on, and retry. If it works AFTER you remove the Admin rights, youre done....

If not, you need to find where the permissions are too restrictive.....

Process Monitor

Set the filter at the top to Include "Result" is "Access Denied" then "Include", and then try and install/launch your app, and then look at the logging, and it will tell you where the permissions are restrictive. Once you open those up, keep retrying until you get the desired results....

This should be running  via RunAs your Admin Account, while the limited user is logged on.....
jploesslAuthor Commented:
I did give them admin rights and with admin and even then under user 1 profile with admin rights i was getting the same error, but then logout and login as the admin I was able to get into the application.
Uninstall the sotware, give user1 admin rights, login as user1, reinstall the program, now try to run the program as user1, see if that works.
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I always give the group domain users local admin rights on the workstation, instead of individual users because it is less of an administrative overhead.
log on as the domain administrator > right click on my computer > left click on manage > expand  local users and groups > click on groups > open administrators group > click on add > type in domain users > click check names > click ok.
Now any domain user that logs on to that machine will have local admin rights.
Hope this helps.
"I always give the group domain users local admin rights on the workstation, instead of individual users because it is less of an administrative overhead"

Only if you want to spend most of your time cleaning viruses/malware, and dealing with illegal apps......

You dont EVER want to grant Domain Users local rights......

Back to the problem. Sounds like the install was designed for the Current User, not all of them. Was this a custom package or what?
jploesslAuthor Commented:
this is a web site called .... the error that I get when I click on the link to actually watch any video .... is that I need to install the adobe flash player 10.... which I have done a couple of times already.
I also upgraded the IE browser to 8.
Have you uninstalled it, and reinstalled it as the End User having problems, while they are elevated as an Admin?
jploesslAuthor Commented:
Does Youtube play the videos?
@john I appreciate if you wouldn't knock someone's posts just because you don't agree, I wouldn't do you that way. I post my comments based on my experience and what works for me if you have a different way of doing things I respect that, but please don't do what you did that is very unprofessional and I don't care how many points you have. I'm here to help just like everyone else includin you and if you have an issue with what I've posted then state it in a more kindly manner or email me privately.
I wasnt trying to be offensive, but you are suggesting to do something that goes against EVERY standard in the industry regarding Admin/Restricted users of a local machine in the Domain. What if they implemented that, and next thing you know they have a malware/viral outbreak, or get fined because someone started to install BitTorrent Clients, downloading pirated movies?

In part by you suggesting to make them admins, could very well be construed as your fault.....

I dont think you would want to have that burden....

Principle of least privilege

Again, I apologize if it came across as rude, but I was shocked that you would make that suggestion to someone in the first place. Secondly, to protect the OP from even considering implementation......

First and foremost I was only instructing on how to make a domain user a local administartor, never would I give any user domain administrative rights. My instructions were clearly stated to make them a local administrator only to that local machine.
I have implemented this process for years with no issues to the domain itself.
I hope this clarifies my remarks.
"Now any domain user that logs on to that machine will have local admin rights."

I wasnt referring to Domain Admin rights, but local ones. Your suggestion above clearly states adding the "Domain Users" group as a local admin, granting elevated rights to all local machines. That gives them rights to tamper with files, view other's profiles, take file ownership, install apps (pirated ones too) etc......

I know the Servers would be unaffected but a user can tak a machine in no time flat if they have the proper rights, and go to the wrong sites.....

Just not a good suggestion to offer someone.....

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Well you have your opinion and I have mine, all I can say is that I didn't invent the process and I've never had any adverse affects from implementing the process. It simply beats from an administrative point of view to add every domain user who logs on to a local machine of having to give the individual user admin rights to their own machine.
I've just been implementing this since the invention of Domains.
So all I can say is this is where all good men, should agree to disagree.
@jp - is not installing software on your computer in the normal sense, I've used them before. It simply takes advantage of the installed programs like flash and IE on the computer. If you can't run a video from their site under a certain user then either create a standard test user or login as a standard user that has never logged into that machine before so it will create a new profile.Then see what your results are. If the new user to that machine can run the video then the issue is with the other users profile.
If that is true then you can login to that machine as the local administrator > go to documents and settings folder and copy the most current profile for the user that logs into this machine to a safe place. The date modified should tell you which one that is > right click on my computer and click on properties then the advanced tab and then user profiles > remove the user(s) except the local administrator account > go to control panel and local user accounts and remove any user except local administrator.
This will give you a clean install of the user's profile for the domain without pulling any crap (that is the technical term:-)) from the old profile of that user. You can then copy the data that you need back over to the proper folders in the new user's profile including the nk2 file.
I hope this helps.
jploesslAuthor Commented:
thanks I will be trying this later today
jploesslAuthor Commented:
youtube also comes up with the no flash installed error under the user1 profile
jploesslAuthor Commented:
I will be trying as a different user in a couple of hours
jploesslAuthor Commented:
I have tried 2 other user profilesd that hadn't logged into this pc before and I get the same error for both of those users.
jploesslAuthor Commented:
any other suggestions
jploesslAuthor Commented:
I also tried this option and still got the error ........... Any other thoughts

I always give the group domain users local admin rights on the workstation, instead of individual users because it is less of an administrative overhead.

log on as the domain administrator > right click on my computer > left click on manage > expand  local users and groups > click on groups > open administrators group > click on add > type in domain users > click check names > click ok.

Now any domain user that logs on to that machine will have local admin rights
jp - yep that is the way I do it for domain users. I'm not sure why you are having difficulty with this but lets try a few more things. I know you may have tried some of this but this shouldn't be that difficult, if this doesn't work. It does sound like that something is not right with the add-ins with IE.  You might want to try firefox to see if that works. A last resort might be to reload the machine.
1. go to ms updates not windows updates and make sure all of the latest updates are installed I would choose custom to see if there are any optional software to install related to this issue.
2. remove all current and older versions of adobe and java and reboot the computer.
3. go to adobe and java web sites and install the latest apps again and reboot the computer.
jploesslAuthor Commented:
okay I will try this later
jploesslAuthor Commented:
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