Trigger for Updating Date Field

I'm trying to write a simple trigger that will update a date field (named 'year') for an existing row. I get a bit confused as to syntax. Can someone validate as to whether I have this syntax correct? I just want to put the current year (i.e. 2010) into the date field 'year'.

create or replace trigger "SCHEMATEST".SET_YEAR
after insert on schematest.editorial for each row
  update editorial set year=TO_DATE(SYSDATE,'YYYY');

Thank you!
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2010 is not a valid date -- you need to put a valid date in a date field.  If you only want year then change the format of the year column to an integer.
Try something like this - I don't think the AFTER trigger is doing what you wish.

create or replace trigger SCHEMATEST.ti_SET_YEAR
BEFORE insert on SCHEMATEST.SET_YEAR for each row
   select SYSDATE into :new.YEAR from dual;

I assumed it's okay to have the full date.  You may still want to do as answer_dude suggest and add a new field that is a integer or character(4).
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Just to add to what everyone else said:  What data type is YEAR?

In the code you posted, sysdate is a date so you really want TO_CHAR(sysdate,'YYYY')

Also, there is no need to update/select in the trigger:

--Just copied kenwagers's code.
create or replace trigger SCHEMATEST.ti_SET_YEAR
BEFORE insert on SCHEMATEST.SET_YEAR for each row
   :new.YEAR := to_char(sysdate,'YYYY');


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Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
In Oracle row-level triggers (those that include a "for each row" clause as yours does, you are not allowed to select from, nor insert, update or delete the triggering table itself.

What you can do in a row-level trigger,*IF* you use a "before insert' or "before update" trigger is what slightwv suggested, simply assign the value you want with a direct PL\SQL assignment statement to the :new.[column_name] you want the value in.  You do have to make sure that the datatype of that column will accept the value you try to store in it.  For example, a "date" column in Oracle will not accept a value for the year only.  But if this column is actually a char, varchar2 or number column, then (as long as it is four bytes or more) it should accept a value for the year.
kencrestAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, your comments and suggestions worked perfectly!
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