File sharing for a small law firm

Hey guys,

A firm splitting into two and moving.   One side is keeping their server that is also a Domain Controller and a File server.  

What would be an option for another 2.5 people firm?  Hosting, external USB drive share, file server, FTP etc.. Storage size is about 5GB.  Oh, and thats a law firm so cheapo.. people:-)

Thanks in advance!
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Thats a small share, so depending on the resilience required a simple file share on a users machine may do the trick - and there is 0 investment required.

The other option is a NAS, which will be available if the other machine is turned off, but requires a little investment (you can pick up a basic one for about 50GBP)
Lucid SystemsCommented:
I would be tempted to invest in a NAS device.  A synology box would be highly recommended it is very feature rich but reasonable priced for what you want to do.  
Have a look at the  synology diskstatoin DS210j, which provides you with option of using RAID 1 for redundancy.
You can set up users, HAS AD integration if required and a host of other faciities.

You will need to purchase seperate hard drives to install (installation is very easy).  I prefer this rather then the NAS devices with inbuilt unremovable drives in that if a hard disc fails rather then paying for a brand new device you can just replace the disk.
It has a mail sever facility, backup facility, FTP facility, can act as a print server, which will alll be useful at some point.

I would look to take the contents on the USB disk put it on the device and then use the USB disk as a backup disk to the contents on the device.

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Tiras25Author Commented:
NAS!  Good option.  Is there a proprietary OS running on those?  Currently they using Mozypro hosted backups.  

Will I be able to install a Mozypro agent on it for backups?
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All Naz's run a form of an operating system, although in most cases this is a very stripped-down version of the OS. I've never come across Mozypro, but if the agent can't be installed on the NAS itself, it should be able to handle a network share on the NAS, with the agent itself running on one of the PC's.
Lucid SystemsCommented:
don't think you can install it on the synology NAS device, but it would be worth looking at the website for more info.
I have the very first NAS device they released which was about 8 years ago.  IN there I have a 250GB IDE drive and it is still going strong.  I have a USB external drive attached to the system and every sunday it just does a copy backup to the USB drive.
Simple file sharing (homegroup) would be enough.
Since data is small you can have copies on both PC's and Sync.

Storage not the problem. Handling all the options you're looking for is the issue.
A basic HP Windows Home server or whatever they're calling it now, will do all and have plenty of
room for growth before they split again :-)
Tiras25Author Commented:
I would prefer to have them server-less environment.  But a cheap NAS piece appliance is an attractive option.  I will look into that..
Thank you!!
Lucid SystemsCommented:
I do think the  synology diskstatoin DS210j, is ideal for what you need.  small, flexible providing a host of server based faciities and provides you with redundancy as well.
Tiras25Author Commented:
Still looking into various solutions.  Will update soon.  Sorry for the delay.  
I also recommend a Windows Home Server box. It's only a little more expensive than a NAS box but as well as being a file server, it's a backup server, a media server, is great for the odd internet file transfer, as a web presence and remote access.

It's easy to use out of the box, can be configured by non techy people and can be stretched into doing all sorts of other office based tasks that it wasn't really designed for.

For small businesses with less than 5 people, I think it is much better value than say an SBS server. The only real small business gotcha is that it doesn't have it's own email server out of the box although for companies of less than 5 people, that's usually done via their ISP or some other online solution anyway.
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