A way to print to a client PC and read a serial port without activex controls

I have a web application that needs the ability to print directly to a printer that is installed on the client PC.  I also need the web application to be able to read either from their serial port or usb port through the web browser.

The user will be configuring which printer to print to.  For example when they go itnto the printer configuration in my application I would like to display the current installed printers in a list box.  The user selects which printer, and then clicks save.  Then when they click a button to run a report, the report will automatically print to their printer based off the configuration.

I am doing this today by using active x controls.  I have gotten a lot of negative feedback from my customers with this, and am trying to explore ways to do the above functionality without active x.

Does anybody have any ideas?
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Bran-DamageAuthor Commented:
I will check these links and see what they say.  Thanks.
Bran-DamageAuthor Commented:
Letter B because there was still some figuring out to do, and I was directed to another forum.
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