Is taking approx 50% of the CPU. Looking into it seems it's a Windows error reporting tool.
Not sure why it would be hogging the cpu so much?

The username attached to the process is MOSSappPool which is the account used for the MOSS application Pool in our sharepoint install. The server in question is the actual (only) web front end/moss app server.

I tried turning off diagnostics error reporting in sharepoint central admin but it hasn't seemed to make a difference to cpu usage
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QPRAuthor Commented:
Yep I know what it is (I mentioned it in the question) and as you say not sharepoint, a werfault process was running under the identity of the MOSS application pool user which is the only reason I mentioned. Anyway, last night maintenance (inc reboot) seems to have fixed whatever it was that was causing it to run at high CPU. Will close the question now.
Shailaja KumarCommented:
Its an error reporting tool, that provides information about software malfunctions. Its a tool that is run from Windows and not SharePoint. Apparently there is some thing going on with your server, i would recommend you to run a full system scan, also check the following link for disabling error reporting,
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