Hanging Process Server - Peolpesoft 8

Processes are currently hanging and we need to find out which job is hung.
First, which table at the db layer houses all running processes - prcs?  Follow on - can we just delete the corersponding record?

Second, how do you restart the process server and/or are there reference guides to find the appropriate restart path on a unix box?
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Use v$session view from SQL*Plus to see the Oracle processes.
also the Unix/Linux
command can show you the resources used by different processes.
In Oracle yocan 'kill' sessions

details here:

use IMMEDIATE option.

They main problem is to find the needed session.
Killing processes in Unix is not good.
gNomeAuthor Commented:
For the first question I meant :
Can we delete the record for the job that it is hanging on and if so which table would that entry live in?
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