How to add field values in mysql

Hi Im looking for a simple way to to create a field with values derived from other fields.
Eg I have a field called A and one called B I want to create a field called C which is equal to A*B.
How can I do this in mysql. Thanks in advance.
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Kim RyanConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
You could try an update statment

update table_name set c = a*b;

If c does not exist, you would need to use the alter table statement frist to create it.
LeighJorAuthor Commented:
I put in
UPDATE item Set C =`CostPerUnit`*`MultiplierPack`
where Item is tablename.

Get error : Unknown column 'C' in 'field list' I suppse here is where I use alter. what is syntax of alter statement.
I need to use Mysql and basically like the little I know. But in Acces to do same you only had to SELECT...AS EXPRESSION. Isnt there anything like that in Mysql.
Cheers and Thanks
Kim RyanConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
try this
alter table item add column C integer;
integer is the data type but you may want to use decimal or float
LeighJorAuthor Commented:
Excellent. Thank you. Easy Peasy. Cheers Mate
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