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How can I remotely address Lexmark network printers

I have to come up with a method to change the IP addresses on 5000+ Lexmark printers.  I want to do this remotely because the printers are scattered across 1700 stores in the US and Canada.  I could send Field Service techs out to touch each printer, but I really don't want to do that.

We are segmenting our network to satisfy PCI Compliance and have to finish the migration of these printers soon.

Does anyone out there have ideas, or better yet, has anyone done something like this?  The printer models are Lexmark T630, T640, T652, and X364.

IP addresses are static and need to stay that way.  I have each printer's current IP and know the destination IP.  All have web interfaces, telnet, and SNMB.

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I have done a little reading around and there seems to be a program called Markvision which is distributed free with lexmark printers, the printer manual describes it as being a powerful tool, however reading through the documentation it doesn't say anything about changing the ip address, however i did see some stuff about dns settings so if you can change them i would have thought you can do ip addresses, so if you have any driver cd's around then it might be worth installing just as it could be a free fix
Another thing was i'm sure we used to be able to configure our HP printers remotely by going to the ip with a web browser, i m not saying it will work for lexmark but its worth a 30 second try :)

sorry if none of this helps
hopkimiAuthor Commented:
I installed MarkVision Professional a few days ago to see what it could do.  It has the ability to make changes via SNMP across multiple printers.  Great if you are making the same change to all of them.

Unfortunately, to change IP addresses with it would be painful as I would have to do them one at a time.  There is no capability in MarkVision to automate this process by reading from say a text file that has the current address and the new one on comma separated lines.

At least that is how MarkVision looked to me.  Please correct me if I missed something.

As you can access the web interface of each printer, I suspect the best way is to change the IP address that way. Any other way would still (at least) involve typing the old and the new addresses into a file - not that much difference really. Especially when you consider that you can go to each printer's web page by just replacing part of the IP address in the URL.

What I mean is this. Say you go to to set the address on the first printer. For the next one you may just have to change the "101" into "102". For 1700+ printers it will still be tedious though...
hopkimiAuthor Commented:
I've written and tested scripts that I can use to accomplish the task. I decided to use perl's Net::Telnet module to do the work.
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