How to set up a member server and configure it as a file server?

I have a domain controller running SBS 2003. The same server also has active directory, dhcp server, exchange 2003 and sql server. I now bought a new server that is running window server 2008 standard. I want to use this second server (Window server 2008) as a member server and file server.
Could someone give detail explanation on how to start this work?
Thank you,
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ctc-itConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Link for adding and managing additional servers in a Windows Small Business Server Domain

How to configure licensing on an additional Windows server in an SBS network
SambaCorAuthor Commented:
thank you. I will take a look at these two links and let you know if they were helpfull.
SambaCorAuthor Commented:
Hi ctc,
 This microsoft article when talking about adding a server in a windows sbs network, referes mainly to wondows 2003 serever. Does the same methode could be used when adding windows 2008 server to sbs network?
SambaCorAuthor Commented:
Thanks ctc. Your solution worked. I was able to succesfully add a secondery server on the windows sbs network.
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