Pandora App on Blackberry Curve

I have a Blackberry Curve and downloaded the Pandora Internet Radio app by navigating to on the blackberry today.

It works great when connected via Wifi to the internet, but with an EDGE connection it does not work. I tried at several different locations while out running errands to run the app but every time it fails. I have either full (4 bars) or almost full (3 bars) signal.

When I launch the app on the bottom it displays these messages in the order shown:
 1. Testing direction connection with device APN...
 2. Testing WAP2 connection....
 3. Got APN via WAP2 connection....
 4. Testing MDS connection....

And then a pop up message that states: "Could not connect to Pandora. Please ensure you have sufficient network coverage and try again."

I can navigate internet websites on the blackberry browser and use the Facebook application etc, just fine through EDGE, just not the Pandora App.

What can I do to make this app work without Wifi? It seems from googling around it should work...
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Matthew KellyAsked:
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EDGE is maybe a bit too light for that connexion. As it taes time to connect when using EDGE, the distant server might give a timeout response.
Matthew KellyAuthor Commented:
Never was able to get it to work, and I have friends who have BlackBerry's on 3G that work with Pandora, and they didn't think EDGE was good enough either. EDGE is the older slower technology:
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