Arrow keys moving the document around the page instead of the select image within the document

I'm trying to move an image within a Visio document by selecting it, and then using the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the image around to where I want it to go.  This has worked up until today.

Now when I select the image, and use the arrow keys, it moves the entire document around within the program window.  

REALLY Annoying!  And I know it will be a simple fix as I feel like a real noob asking it, so it should be an easy 500pts for someone!
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Sarika30Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Is your scroll lock on? Try to switch it off and then use your arrow keys
bosshognzAuthor Commented:
Scroll lock appeared off, but I switched it on then off again and the problem was solved!  Thanks, knew it would be so simple!
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