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I'm trying to get row numbers for the query results using the Row_Number() Over function as shown below.  But I keep getting Syntax error (Missing Operator) in Access. Can someone highlight whats wrong with the Code:

SELECT (ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY TableReg.RegId)) As Row,TableReg.RegName, TableReg.RegCompany, TableReg.EventId, TableReg.EventLong, TableReg.Status, TableReg.SubStatus, TableReg.RegId
FROM TableReg
WHERE (((TableReg.EventId)=[forms]![FormSheet]![EventId]) AND ((TableReg.Status)=[forms]![FrmNewBadge]![FullStatus] Or (TableReg.Status)=[forms]![FrmNewBadge]![Status]))
ORDER BY TableReg.RegCompany;

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But any suggestions on the SQL Statements?

Can you please paste the exact error and line number of your error.
If you are trying to do this in Access then  Row_number() Over does not exist in Access/Jet SQL.

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