Asterisk MeetMe - user introduction disabled

Hello Experts,

I'm new to Asterisk and testing the various features, while testing meetme feature I'm able to set up conf room but I'm not able to record the person name and below is the error message

- Executing [800@group1:1] MeetMe("SIP/1002-0000001d", "800,IMc") in new stack
  == Parsing '/etc/asterisk/meetme.conf':   == Found
[Apr 15 20:17:16] WARNING[3716]: channel.c:4003 ast_request: No channel type registered for 'DAHDI'
    -- Created MeetMe conference 1023 for conference '800'
[Apr 15 20:17:16] WARNING[3716]: app_meetme.c:3613 find_conf: No DAHDI channel available for conference, user introduction disabled (is chan_dahdi loaded?)

Below is my extension.conf and meetme.conf


include => parkedcalls


include => parkedcalls
exten => _1XXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},10,tr)
exten => _1XXX,2, VoiceMail(${EXTEN}@voicemail_test,u,b)
exten => _1XXX,3,Playback(vm-goodbye)
exten => _1XXX,4,Hangup()
exten => 9998,1,VoiceMailMain(_1XXX@voicemail_test)

exten => 800,1,MeetMe(800,IMc)


conf => 800,1111,2222

Any help appreciated.

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Hi, Found some info here about the problem.
AnanthahkAuthor Commented:
Hello I have the mentioned module at  /usr/lib/asterisk/modules

[root@server2 modules]# pwd
[root@server2 modules]# ls

On Centos when I try to load the module I get following error message
[root@server2 modules]# insmod
insmod: error inserting '': -1 Invalid module format
Hi I found this in an icr log. Hope it helps sorry I don't have the same version to test.

FATAL: Error inserting dahdi (/lib/modules/2.6.26-1-686/asterisk/dahdi/dahdi.ko): Invalid module format
Usually means it wasn't compiled for your current kernel
hmm... let me kick it about a bit..
i've installed "linux-modules-2.6.26-1-686" and "linux-headers-2.6.26-1-686"
looks like the compile is taking a little longer this time..
huzzah, it's worked..
amazing, it didn't noticeably whinge... but works now..
thanks for the pointers..
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AnanthahkAuthor Commented:
I tried re compiling DAHDI but no good, Do I need to compile the kernel ?

Also I do not have any harwdware timing device (PRI card) since this is a lab setup, could that be any issue ?
I think what they are saying is that the kernel headers or kernel source was not installed. They installed it and recompiled DAHDI

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AnanthahkAuthor Commented:
Will have to try
AnanthahkAuthor Commented:
Partial solution
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