How to install a font when the control panel is locked...?

So the story behind this is that in my little brother's computer class, the teacher does not like a certain font (Comic Sans) so to mess with one of the kids (my brother's friend), he deleted it from the computer and locked access to the control panel so he cannot reinstall it.  Everyone else in the class has the font, except the one kid.  I wanted to tell the kid how to reinstall the font without using the control panel so he could mess with the teacher, but I cannot figure out how to do so...

Long story short, can you install a font in Windows XP without using the control panel?
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i dont know how to install fonts in another ways but i have made two .reg file enable.reg and disable.reg

Enable.reg will enable control panel just need to reboot the system once

Disable.reg will disable control panel so that teacher wont know kid has enabled control panel he just change his font and simply double click on disable.reg file and reboot or logoff his account and done

if USB drive is no allowed there simply mail these files to his Email-ID he will download and use it

Yup.  Copy the files into the C:\Windows\Fonts directory.

However, might be better to acquiesce to the demands of the teacher....
Can you go to start menu>run and type   %windir%\fonts    click ok.  On the file menu, click "Install New Font".  Then so on and so forth.. Let me know if that helps.
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Use the solution above or if you want to enable the control panel or other stuffs use this tool
If you drag it from another PC into the Fonts folder (path above), it will register....
ausman89Author Commented:
okay, so the problem now is that none of these will work (except i didnt have them try acl-puzz's solution...i may try this as a last resort) because i found out that not only is the control panel disabled, but so is about everything else that relates to properties, the windows directory, the "run" option, the command prompt, etc.

any other ideas or should I just try acl-puzz's solution... btw, what exactly is the program? and can it run when so many things are disabled?
"what exactly is the program? and can it run when so many things are disabled?"

all restrictions are windows registry based so the .reg file is an registry file
ausman89Author Commented:
Although this would work, it was never actually tried on the computer's at the school...
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