How do i setup a static route on a Netscreen 5xt?

I have a Netscreen 5xt which im using as an internet gateway. I have a connection to another network which is provided through a cisco 2620.

The trust network is, the network provided by the cisco is
The netscreen gateway IP is and the cisco gateway is

I want to add a route onto the netscreen so i can access the 10.60.x.x network via the cisco.
I used this command: set route gateway

I cant ping the network though. Ive tried using the webui too.
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you don't have to add any route, there supposed to be a default route on the Netscreen for all subnets other than the internal, but what is stopping you maybe is perhaps echo-replies coming back from the Router are being dropped by the Netscreen, youd need to enable a rule on the outside interface of the netscreen to permit echo-reply from outside interface
jayfletcherAuthor Commented:
The netscreen is used as an internet gatway, so the untrusted (or outside) interface is connected to the internet via a modem. The cisco router is connected to the inside trusted network.
thanks for clarifying, in that case you'd need to add this subnet to your trusted network in case you want to reach it
Well, you actually got a smallish challenge here.

Since both the Cisco router and your Netscreen device are in the same network (, you have two exits from that network, and traffic leaving your LAN for the won't actually pass through the Netscreen. The Netscreen won't route traffic back out on the same interface it receives traffic, nor will it send ICMP redirects.

Your clients will only have one default gateway, so they'll send all the traffic to the Netscreen, which will drop it.

The best solution would be to upgrade your netscreen to a device with another interface (typically a DMZ interface) where you could connect your router, so the traffic would actually pass through the Netscreen and behave like normal. If this isn't an option (it isn't free, you know), you're left with two "config only" options (free!):

1). Define static routes on hosts needing to reach the Massive management overhead if there are many hosts. Can be solved with login scripts etc, but messy.

2). Switch IP on Cisco router and Netscreen. Where the Netscreen refuses to send ICMP redirects, the Cisco will do just that. So, if the Cisco is the gateway where all traffic is sent, it'll forward traffic to the as intended, and it'll send an ICMP redirect to any hosts trying to reach the internet, so they'll know where to send traffic destined for the internet. It's not perfect, you'll get a small traffic increase with the ICMP redirects, but it's the best you can get without having to either replace the firewall or configure every single host.

So, summed up, you either need routes on each host, or a default gateway that supports ICMP redirects, which your current default gateway doesn't.

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