How would I forward phones that are connected a 3COM NBX V3001 phone systems.

I have a NBX V3001 phone system and I want to forward a phone that is in our office to another phone in another office after working hours. The 3COM phones don't have a forwarding option. Is there another way to do this?
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jfradyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you want to be able to do it based on system mode or just specific times?  

When you say another extension - can you be more specific?  Another extension would be another phone on your system.  That is easily done in the call forward settings for the hunt group.

If it is an outside number you have to enable the appropriate class of service for the hunt group and do times routes in the dial plan.
Sure they do.  Have you logged into NetSet to setup your forwarding options?  You would have to be allowed to do this in your class of service and you would also have to enable site to site transfer.  The option is there to do it however.  Are you the administrator of the system?

If you mean you want to forward a main incoming line you can do that as well (instead of individual phone)

Would have to know more details however regarding setup, incoming line type, call routing etc.
henjohn1520Author Commented:
Hello I do the phone administration and I do have access to the phone system. I have three phones that are in a hunt group and after hours I need the incoming calls to that hunt group to be forwarded to another extenison after hours. Do I have to create anohter hunt group? Do I have to program one of the phones buttons to forward the calls?
henjohn1520Author Commented:
I have create a hunt group and where will I enable to class of services the time routes.
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