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Ilegal start of Expression

Hi, i Get the error when trying to asigns the return value of a method to a variable:
The error is when trying to asign the value to sAtributos, setAtributos is a webmethod too in the same class.

This is the partial code, if a remove that line, all work very well.

Could you help me? thanx in advance.

@WebMethod(operationName = "setOperacion")
    public String setOperacion(@WebParam(name = "Operacion")
    String Operacion, @WebParam(name = "Folio")
    String Folio) throws DocumentException, IOException, GeneralSecurityException {

        String sCadenaOriginal = "";
        String sSelloDigital = "HLA";
        String sAtributos="";
        //Esta funcion recibe los parametros para mandar llamar el stored procedure y generar los archivos xml y pdf

         sAtributos = setAtributos("","","1", ,"",12345,2010,"CONTADO","1234567890","","PAGO EN UNA SOLA EXHIBICION",100,0,"",100,"","ingreso");

         * Se manda llamar el la funcion que genera el sello digital basado en la cadena original

        sSelloDigital = GeneraSelloDigital.getSelloDigital("file.key", "a0123456789", sCadenaOriginal);

        /* Aqui se manda llamar la función para la creacion del PDF
        GeneraDocumento gd = new GeneraDocumento();

        return sSelloDigital;

1 Solution
The problem may be due to left argument value

Assign the value of argument type.

This is an example in case argument is string
sAtributos = setAtributos("","","1", "" ,"",12345,2010,"CONTADO","1234567890","","PAGO EN UNA SOLA EXHIBICION",100,0,"",100,"","ingreso");

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mario_moranAuthor Commented:
Was in fact a missing argument, thanx!
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