how to get Windows Mobile contacts from a broken communicator?

I have a communicator running WM6 (HTC Touch) it has an unusable touch screen (it doesnt react on screen touches), so it can be managed only via USB cable from a PC.

I need to get its contacts in any readable form.  

I have another working communicator with WM5 and it seems like it is doesnt supports WM6 pim.vol file because I tried to use the pim.vol from a broken device with no success of vew any contacts.

Also have tried to use a PPCPimBackup utility to export contacts from a substituted pim.vol with no success (0 records where found). However when checking the pim.vol contents in any text viewer - there're a lot of phone records.
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Y0sh1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i cannot install anything on the broken device. Just got its pim.vol
For now i'v used a Pocket dbExplorer to export into .csv file the data. It is quite readable
you could try something like or Pocket Controller if you can install it on the broken device

alternatively, you could write simple app (in c# for instance) that reads all contacts and saves it in some way
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