Does MS Exchange 2007 support "catchall"?

The objective is, if the recipeint name isn't valid, but email domain name is correct, this mail would still be forwarded to the designated mailbox. For example, if mailboxes for userA and userB not exist, the mails that targeted to them will still be forwarded to a "catchall" mailbox. Does exch 2007 has such feature?
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Syed Mutahir AliConnect With a Mentor Technology ConsultantCommented:
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
It does support a catchall address, but this is not a terribly good idea as you will spend your life wading through a multitude of spam to find an ocassional email that someone spelt the email address incorrectly.
As spammers use all kinds of methods to get mail through, including making up email addresses, and about 40% of all emails I receive are to invalid (made up) recipients, you wil end up with plenty of rubbish.
BalackAuthor Commented:
Great, it works.
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