How to reformat a Eee Top Et1602 with no disk drive?

Hi Guys
Recently had a device get a virus I fell the best bet is to reformat the machine however its a Eee Top Et1602 with no disk drive, it has a network port. How do I go about a reformat over the network. Im new to this method could any one talk me through it.

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Oli, I cross-checked against the manual for the ET1602 and ASUS "officially" recommends one of two options to restore an Eee Top:
  • Attach an external optical drive (as recommended in option 2 above) and use their recovery DVD. See p. 33, attached.
  • Use the hidden/secondary partition included on the Eee Top to initialize the recovery process. See p. 34, attached.
If you do plan using the Eee Recovery DVD and not a retail DVD of Windows 7, sharing the DVD drive from another computer over the network (Option 3 above) will likely not work, since the DVD needs to be accessed at startup (during BIOS initialization) on the Eee Top and before the operating system actually loads. This means that networking between two Windows PC is not a viable option.

Option 1 (USB flash drive) may still work, but you'll have to do some work on a secondary PC to finagle everything from the recovery DVD and/or the Windows 7 disc onto the USB drive.

Good luck! Let me/us know how it turns out.

NOTE: Attached PDF retrieved from
Hi Oli,

With the Eee Top being an all-in-one PC, you have a number of options here:
1) If you have a USB flash drive larger than 4.7GB, you can copy the Windows 7 OS from a retail DVD and make it bootable, essentially using the USB drive as a traditional OS install "disc". See

2) Purchase an external DVD drive that can attach to your Eee Top via USB. Asus makes a $50 one that seems popular with the crowd. See As an added bonus, it matches your AIO PC.  :)

3) If you have another PC that is attached to your network, you can share its DVD drive over the network, so that the OS install disc is accessible from the Eee Top. For speed purposes, I'd recommend that these be attached wired vs. wireless. If you want to go this route, let me know what OS your other PC is and I'll provide detailed instructions.

Hope this helps!
Tornado_Author Commented:
Thank you for all your support on this including obtaining all the documentation. we now have a rescued great machine.
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