How do I make FileZilla FTP server more friendly to trailing /s

We published software the looks for updates in a folder on our FTP server.
In the config in the software we accidentally published the folder name as config_v6/ instead of config_v6
Is there a way we can get FileZilla to ignore that / at the end?
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Only way I can think of is to get the source code and modify it to do what you need.

Could you e-mail out a patch, or provide one online, that changes the directory name to the correct name?
StevenHookAuthor Commented:
We can provide a patch, the nice thing about that is that we can repair other niggley things at the same time.
The problem is that this is the directory that the software looks at for updates, so it would have to be a manual patch, not automatic.
I would much prefer having the server side modified, so that at least we can publish the patch for automatic update.
Unfortunately there is no way to configure Filezilla to ignore that.

However thinking about it, what problem is is causing?  I just tested doing ls config_v6/ and ls config_v6 and I get the same exact results.  So why is the trailing / causing you a problem?

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StevenHookAuthor Commented:
Perhaps it's the client that is problematic.
I just tried from another PC and it doesn't error. But I have seen it error from client PCs. Says "can't find directory on server"
Is the config_v6 directory on the root, or is it a sub-directory two more more levels down?

Does the user-id used have access to config_V6?

What directory is the user-id put into by default?

Could they be being put in /userid and doing a ls config_V6 when they should be being put into / or /productname?
StevenHookAuthor Commented:
the user arrives in root, config_V6 is a subdirectory of root. there's only 1 file in config_V6
root is a folder called FTP - there is only one user , the user name and password are encoded in the software so they they can't see it.
they download /config_V6/priceupdatefile......dat
Is the "can't find directory on server" from your update program?

If so, does your update program validate that it has actually connected to and logged onto the FTP server?

Does your program verify what the code it is getting from the server when doing the ls/dir or whatever it does?

Could be there is another issue and that the "can't find directory on server" is being issued because some checking routine is falling through or just assumes something.

From my testing, and yours, the trailing / does not cause a problem.
StevenHookAuthor Commented:
It's from the update program
yes, it connects, goes to the folder, check the file name and date stamp against what it has in it's config file, if the file on the server is newer, it downloads it and replaces the old one, and updates the new file details in the config file.
I will have to contact one of the customers who has experienced the problem in order to troubleshoot further, as I say, from the test PCs here, the / doesn't seem to make a difference.
Thanks for the help thus far!
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