Windows 7 Client setup checklist in Domain Windows SBS 2003


I am doing a hardware upgrade for a small windows domain at work.
We are updating our workstations from Windows XP to Windows 7.
The Windows SBS 2003 will remain unchanged. (for now)
We received multiple new workstations with Windows 7 Prof pre installed. (Dell precisions)
Lucklyly all the email is online on the server, so there is no hassle with PST files.

I am wondering what your checklist is for client installations as I am struggeling to start.
(I added a new user on SBS and on the client I connected to the domain.)
I know there are  lot more steps to be taken, and was wondering if you could help me out. :)
Thinks like deactivate ICS...

Ps, can I push certain setting from the server to the workstations as well?

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Well that should be an interesting project, which i have completed successfuly on 100+ PCs :)

I have attached an Excel doc to make your life easy, but just read this so you will get a better idea of the attachement.

you need to start with some basic information gathering based on the requirements for Win 7
1. Pre deployment
     Hardware info gathering: this can be done by some scripts or some free system management tools like "spiceworks"
when it comes to memory you can decide based on the PC usage I would recomend minimum of 3GB in some cases 2GB.
    Software Info: some of your systems may use bespoke applications so you need to confirm that they have the ability to run in Win 7 (x86 /x64) based on your deplyment.
    System condition: some may be too old where u will have to find some recycle pro's to take them

** Important thing is to consider backing up user stuff, so its upto your environment to decide what to backup.

2. Deployment
      If you are deciding to deploy using a deployment server then you should go through MS deployment papers either LTI/ZTI (
     If most of your systems are identical hardware specs you can go for a HDD clone, build a perfect image with all required apps and push it over.

3. Post Deployment
     Make sure all docs are back and drivers are installed perfectly, if u hav a folder redirection for your my docs then you will hav to sync to be availble offline to redirect.


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verhoopAuthor Commented:
Thank, but I think this is a bit overkill! haha!

Its only for about 15 systems, so I'll make one image, and will clone it (as all pc's are the same)
My question is more how to configure the PC's for proper domain use. (Checklist in a way of disable this and that.. )


how is your my docs structur ? have you enabled folder redirection? what specifically do you think of having done by the server?
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verhoopAuthor Commented:
There is no folder redirection.
The problem is that I am upgrading a network which I didn't create.
The former admin set up the users and permissions etc etc.

I want the server to push updates / remote viewing of logfiles/health status.
It may be not the network you configured but atleast by browsing through the domain settings you would be able to get an understanding of what his network looks like.. :)

This is what you have to do to redirect folders:
from Server Managment> Advanced Management>Group Policy Management:
Double click on Forest>domains>your domain>In right pane: Right click on SBS Folder redirection and click Edit.
Click on User configuration 0n left>Windows Settings>Folder Redirection>
In Right pane: Right click on desktop>Properties>Under settings : choose basic and enter location for the redirect.
Do the same for Application data.

and also you can setup WSUS and push updates to the PCs you can find some info on seting up WSUS on SBS 2003.
verhoopAuthor Commented:
Thanks Irosha, your comments are pointing me at least in the right direction.

There is no entry with folder redirection, so I dont think its configured on the SBS.
Question is, is it required? or is it good practice to have it? :)

It is an excellent way for several reasons. basically you don't have to rely on desktop HDD if in case of data loss or HDD crash and if you have backup running on a daily basis you can include the home folder where the users' my docs direct to, so u are always ready with the data.

If you can do that before you upgrade to win 7 it wil be easy for you as you don't have much to backup on your users PC. so after doing upgrade u just have to point your user's my doc to the folder in the homefolder(server) nothing lost!
verhoopAuthor Commented:
Cool, perfect.. Definitely going to put that on there..but as I said.. the entry "folder redirection" is not listed on the
"Forest>domains>your domain> SBS Folder redirection"
Is it something that should be separately installed or activated on the SBS?
verhoopAuthor Commented:
I found it.. its under users on the Server management.
Perfect.. just activated it.
did you have a look on WSUS .. hope you find this helpfull..
verhoopAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. I just read the WSUS page.. question tho.. wont it be mixed up as the clients will be win 7 and the server is basically XP based ?
Its not a problem at all.. u cant expct to run srv 2008 nd win7 bt if u hav da budget for it u can go ahead...
but as long as all your systems are updated with patches (windows updates) you will have no issues at all...
you can confiure health/usage and performance reports to be sent to your e-mail on SBS 2003 under Monitoring and Reporting in server management console.
verhoopAuthor Commented:
I just wanted to give you the points  .. as my appreciation of your good info :)
The remote looking at workstations is currently not working, perhaps something wrongly configured as well.. (by the previous owner)

Good to hear the updates will go through, although.. will the updates go per individual user if I don't activate is as well ?

Thanks again

if you don't setup a wsus server and add the clients to the server; your clients will not get the updates what you have to do is manually update them on each pc.
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