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Are there any  free /paid LAN messaging softwares that can be used to send long messages on the network?
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You can try Softros LAN messenger
Free trial doesn't have any limits, except time of use (30 days)
One message can have about 16 000 symbols. Is it enough?
I just recently purchased at a good price LANTalk Software.  Took a bit of time to configure across the network but it's working well so far and only works internally.  How long of a message do you need to send?
KOACAuthor Commented:
Something between 10 -20 lines. Does the licensed version of LANTalk have any limit?
KOACAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the  input.It seems to be a good software, although a bit pricy. Are there any messengers for free that can allow you to send long messages to users in a network? Any open source ones?
I use openfire on my local network of about 50 users.
With the Spark messenger client

Can send any size messages, also has chat rooms, AD support, web-based client, live-support plugin, etc...  It's better than most of the paid ones.
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