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hi there

I wish to include on my website the ability to take an image and add simple graphics to it like lines, circles, text boxes and then save it again on the server.

Is there a script out there that I can buy to integrate onto my web pages?


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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi SimpleIntelligence

Take a look at Tomas Eriksson's very clever use of an Adobe Shockwave Flash object being loaded into a web page on demand using a JavaScript "document.write" command:

The page downloads the following file to one of the sub-folders of your Temporary Internet Files folder:
and runs in your browser from there as "nodirectlink.[1].swf"

I know very little about authoring Flash/Shockwave content, but I believe that's by far the best medium for the type of thing you are asking about, albeit with a much more basic functionality.

Perhaps some other experts can make suggestions as to how easy or difficult achieving a very basic version of that type of thing might be, and what the best tools would be to achieve it.

SimpleIntelligenceAuthor Commented:
It set the ball rolling...
Thank you for that, SimpleIntelligence.  To be honest I wasn't expecting you to conclude the question with only one comment made.  I had hoped that other experts with specific knowledge about Flash/Shockwave editing may have provided you with more precise detail.  Nevertheless, I'm grateful.
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