Dfs drive mapping errors.

Here's the scenario.

The clients are running win XP, the DFS target runs on win2k3 servers and the DFS root servers are running on a combination of win2k and win2k8 servers. The drives are mapped automatically with a group policy login scripts that maps drives based on the user's group membership.

Now the problem is. When a user tries to click on the mapped drive there is an error connecting to the location. However if you type in the full path, in say, start -> Run,  it connects without a problem. All of this started when one of the dfs targets went down with a dead power supply.
I am think the problem is caused by by a cached target/link state, in that, because  the target was unavailable at one point, it saved the state of target and the computers still think the target is unavailable. As I had mentioned, if you type in the full path even though the target is "unavailable" it connects to the right link and the mapped drive becomes available.

So does anyone know how I can reset this cache, or any other way I can fix this problem? I tried using Sonar, but it doesn't really give me any helpful diagnostics.

Any pointers are appreciated.
FUS IT ServicesAsked:
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jebConnect With a Mentor Commented:
we setup  our scripts to delete then map to avoid the issue you are having.
Are your scripts deleteing then re-mapping the drives or just mapping the drives?
FUS IT ServicesAuthor Commented:
Just mapping. Now that you mention it, windows is sometimes iffy when it comes to persistent drive mappings. You reckon I should delete and remap them every time at login? what about a non persistent drive mapping it should have the same effect as deleting before re-mapping, right?
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Deleting first also removes the problem of a user doing a mapping and using a drive letter that is in your scripts.
See below link is of any help

FUS IT ServicesAuthor Commented:
@jeb I think your answer might be the right solution, but could you give me a couple of days to confirm it before I accept your solution?

Fine with me. Always best to test.
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