Large scale webshop

Hi All,

I'm looking for some broad advice as to the suitability of one of the following systems (or  similar if you would like to suggest one) for a large scale webshop, six million products or more. All products are similar with around half a dozen product attributes. The main concerns are speed for searching and speed for updating product data.

In particular if you have implemented one of these, what size a product catalogue you had and how it performed with that size.

Joomla (Virtuemart)


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I have used oscommerce fpor many clients web shops and would use it every time as you can expand it to what you want in every way. Givedn that it runs, like the others, on mysql, it will be a breeze - the work willbe in the uploading of the products

hope that helps

Freeway <- Never used
Joomla (Virtuemart) <- Complicated to setup not much room for improvement/styling
Magento <- Very feature rich GOOD CHOICE
Opencart <- standard
Oscommerce <- Very customisable but can look ugly if you do not know what you are doing.
Oscss <- never used.
Prestashop <- Very Feature rich GOOD CHOICE also (abit weird when trying to setup shipping for products and attributes.
Zencart <- same as OScommerce

I would always go with mscommerce if I wanted something very custom, but the problem I have found is that the add ons can be error prone, although there are many helpfull users on the oc forum, it can be days - weeks even months in my case to get some help with a mod.

Magneto is probably one of the best looking as is prestashop, you can buy templates cheaply or create your own, once you have studied the folder structure etc.

There is help for these two also and is probably more or less the same lead time as oscommerce forums.

The Joomla cart extention is horrible. I have used it once, not impressed. Also I found that I needed a degree in Rocket Science to install and configure it. I ended up using oscommerce for that particular project.

I hope this helps
Nenad RajsicCommented:
With such a huge catalogue your best option is to go with Magento. Not only that but you will also need some sort of load balancing if you have lots of visitors and with 6mil of products your servers will need to have lots of processing power. depending on your budget you might want to go for Magento enterprise as it looks like you are going to need some help and support because your shop is so large. Magento also offers integration with some Accountancy products (sage etc)which is a bonus considering the size of your shop.

Joomla will be too slow for you.
oscommerce could be good but I doubt it will perform well with 6mil products
freeversedAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input so far guys.

Don't worry about how it looks - Customising templates is the least of the issues here.

What is the performance of Magento like at that level of products in the catalogue? Anyone got experience with high numbers?
Nenad RajsicCommented:
this info is a bit outdated and Magento is much better now a days.

you can see that it performs well under pressure. Your main issue is not the number of products, it's the number of concurrent users so if you are expecting to have lots of visitors online at the same time make sure you have good hosting and servers as they are very important for large shops so keep that in mind before you launch your site

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