Joomla template display problem in IE8

My web page displays properly in Firefox, but not in IE8.  One of the divs in the main body seems to be pushing the other div that should be beside it to the bottom of the page.

Please see
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In the CSS you need to clear your floats properly
and check the width of both left and right columns, if there is no width add one.
Remove width: 25% from the CSS part listed below. The width does nothing, since it is set on an 'empty' div, though in IE the width gets applied and there is no room for a 25% div (there actually is only 6px left, because content and art-bar2 are 900px width and the container is 906px width).

Hope this helps. So remove width: 25% from this part:

/* begin LayoutCell */
.art-contentLayout .art-sidebar1
	position: relative;
	margin: 0;
	padding: 0;
	border: 0;
	float: left;
	overflow: hidden;
	width: 25%;

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mycomacAuthor Commented:
I can see the problem is related to the 3 divs that make up the main body of the page - art-sidebar1, art-content, art-sidebar2.

It seems that the problem is that if art-sidebar1 is empty, like on the home page, it still sizes to 25%, forcing art-sidebar2 below the page content.  If I remove the 25% width, it sizes correctly but causes another problem.

On the Contacts page, art-sidebar1 is populated, so if I
mycomacAuthor Commented:
I got it figured out.  Removing the 25% does not work - that messes up the formatting on pages where there is content in art-sidebar1.

The solution was to change the parameter in the css for sidebar1 from "width" to "max-width".

That solves the display problem on the Home page and displays correctly on the Contact page

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