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Windows Installer Problem when running Access 2007 with Office 2003 Professional

How can I stop the Windows Installer from running every time I switch between Access 2007 and Access 2003?

I have Office 2003 Professional SP3 + Access 2007 installed on a XP SP3 machine.
Every time I switch/open either version of Accesss after opening the other version, the Windows Installer runs.

I have searched the web and found/tried several solutions but none of them worked - apparently, the web fixes work for any/all of the Office programs except Access.

2 Solutions

From this website,


I found the following comment:

It is my understanding that what you are experiencing is normal and
required. The exact same thing happens to me. I believe that part of the
Office 2007 upgrade included a major overhaul of the Access jet database and
so the installer has to run to load the correct drivers for your file. If it
didn't you would end up with a lot of corrupt 2003 databases.
SlatorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response - based on my searching, I am pretty sure you are correct.  Although, your information is the most definitive I have seen so far that there is no "fix".

I have my doubts about the drivers issue because I have had no problems (so far) running both versions of Access at the same time, other than the Windows Installer problem.  However, the end result is the same - "live with it".

Thanks again.

I am going to leave the question open until the weekend - just in case.  If I do not receive any (different) posts by Sunday, I will award the points and close the question.
Vadim RappCommented:
What you see is Windows Installer trying to repair the installation, because it figures out that it's broken. The reason it decides that in general case can be found in the event log, where it places the record describing what exactly has not been found, usually file or registry key. So look there first. However, in the specific case of Access, this may be not enough, since Access, when launched, performs its internal verification of the integrity - it calls Windows Installer to verify the installation's integrity, but in this case Installer does not create event log records. The only way to find out what exactly it does not like is monitoring its launch by process monitor or filemon. This is quite nontrivial and tedious investigation, and requires good familiarity with COM entries in the registry, but it can be done, I did it several times.

Another thing to check is the way you launch Access, If self-repair occurs when you launch it by file extension, then check that extension. You can also check my article "How to disable Windows Installer self-repair for a given product" on my website (see my profile).

Finally, as I understand, all 3 quoted statements from the comment quoted above are absolutely wrong. Access 2007 indeed introduced new Access database format, accdb, however it opens all old formats without any problem; it does not require for that any drivers; self-repair on every launch is not normal; Access 2003 and 2007 by design should be able to co-exist on the same machine - the only Office application that can't coexist with its own old version is Outlook, which is prominently announced during the installation.

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Rory de LeurConsultant End-User ComputingCommented:
Let try it from another angle, why not give Application Virtualization a try for MS Access 2003
Vadim RappCommented:
I would give Application Virtualization a try for MS Access 2007, especially given that "<question author has> Office 2003 Professional SP3 + Access 2007 installed on a XP SP3 machine"
SlatorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the responses - lots of good information to consider.

My conclusion is that (in a practical sense) there is no "fix" - only less than desirable options (for me).

The best for me (if i were to choose a "fix") would probably be the "vadimrapp1" "How to disable...".

Thanks again - I am going to split the points.
SlatorAuthor Commented:
Thanks again.
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