It is possible to use port 80 with Multiple WebSite?


I have an exchange server installed on VM ESX that use Outlook WebAccess on port 80.

I need to built another WebSite on a Linux Suse Server using apache or maybe to built the WebSite on IIS in  windows server 2008. The problem is that I want to still use port 80 for this WebSite because the site from where I want to access it doesn't allow any other port to be open such 8080.

How can I achieve such of configuration to use multiple WebSite using one single port port 80?

Please I also need to have a step by step configuration tutorial

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1-assign the web server 2 IP addresses
2-let evey web site linked to different IP

you can do that as the following
1-in the lan connection add seconday IP
2-in the IIS select evey web site and change the default IP from unassigned to one of the two IP addresses

Sameh answer is useful however, you might not be interested to have 2 diffrent IP address in 1 server since it sometimes cause problems

ISA server and other related firewalls can allow you to publish many websites under 1 port external port! do you have ISA Server or other firewalls so I can tell you how to do the configurations ?

Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:

If they are virtual Machines, then duplicate ports are not an issue since each VM will have it's own Virtual IP Address wether is be Bridged, NAT'd or Host Only. In this case, I would suggest you place them in a BRIDGED MODE or else you will have port conflicts.

Common VMWare Network Configurations
     •Bridged Networking
     •Network Address Translation (NAT)
     •Host-Only Networking

    EXCHG (webaccess on 80)   Has a static IP.
    SUSE (Apache on 80)          I suggest static but DHCP will be fine too while testing.
    W2k8 (IIS7 on 80)              I suggest static but DHCP will be fine too while testing.

Now to setup multiple websites on port 80, the proper way to do  this is with Host headers. Below is a link i provide with detailed steps to configure them.
The only time you would need another IP is if you have multiple sites running SSL.

Hope it helps,

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daveviolanteAuthor Commented:

I will follow your setup link I will be in my company in 10 minutes and I will do so

I let you know later if I need some more help

It is important to know what you want to do.

I think taht what you want is being able to use your ISP public ip with 1 port 80 and to publish on the internet multiple web site like the OWA and other web site

I what you want to do then "zmobariz:" commnets are the way to go ansd we call this a reverse proxy setup which will allow you to publish mutliple web site from your public ip and port 80.

Hope this wil help you clarify what you need.

Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
? how is a proxy required?

1.  External IP NAT'd to 1 r more internal IPS.
2.  External IP configured for DNS names.
3. All sites binded to port 80 with host header entry and no wildcards.

DONE all sites running on port 80 via 1 external IP.

Hi hades666

how can you nat 1 public ip to multiple internal IPS ?

The question is regarding OWA on exchange and other web site under suse...  I was assuming that there is more then 1 internal server ( exchange and suse )

So the way we do it is

we use a reverse proxy wich received all http trafic and
 1) will send owa request to internal IP1 where owa is and
 2) will send other trafic to other web server like apache based on the HTTP headers

Maybe there is an easier way to do it ...

daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
Right guys I agree that proxy shouldn't be required but is also true that I need to access so far 3 differnt WebSite from the outside word using one single port 80.

I haven't done nothing so far as I have some issue to fix with Linux Netbackup

But all ideas are welcome I need to know an easy way to be able to access all website using one WAN IP from one port (Port 80)

the internal website should have  differnt ip (internal IP)
daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
Mr. Bougui made the point

What he mentioned is what we need to do.

About reverse proxy I do not know anything about at this point I would really need help and what is needed
Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
So my original response stands and thanks for the typo catch.

You are correct that you can only NAT 1 external to 1 internal. BUT they are running ESX so there is a third stack that acts as NAT :).

Either way, give it a shot.
Sorry but ESX wont help here ..

First It depends on your firewall .. I dont know ISA server but if this is what you have maybe the reverse proxy is already integrated into your firewall

Tell us more about your fw.

Brad HoweDevOps ManagerCommented:
LMAO, enjoy this one. I'm not going to debate this. I'm out. Hades666
daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
We do not have ISA the only Firewall is the adsl Router that has a nat integrated as almost all router.

It is syslink router just a normal router

This is an office with 10 Employee we have a lot of data to backup and WebSite to run to be able to sell

We are not alive yet and there a lot going on
Hi Dave,

this is a litle complicated if you have limited knowledge of linux reverse proxy.  Why dont you get a second ip if it's cheap whre you are ...

The way it should be done from what we know ...

1) On the fw you nat all http traffic to your reverse proxy ... since you have OWA it will limit your choice of reverse proxy' i would go with apache under linux in a small vm ( 256 mb ram is more than enought )

2) When all traffic goes to your linux host in your apache you will need an entry to forward http trafic to the correct internal server OWA and other

Maybe someone can suggest an easier way to do it, but this is how we do it and we have very indeep knowledge of linux...

Bye and good luck
<VirtualHost proxy-ip:80>

        ProxyPass http://owa-internal-ip/
        ProxyPassReverse http://owa-internal-ip/
	ServerSignature Off

<VirtualHost proxy-ip:80>

	<Directory /var/www/>
		Options FollowSymLinks MultiViews
		AllowOverride ALL
		Order allow,deny
		allow from all


Open in new window

daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
I am not guru in Linux I mean regarding proxy, but Linux is what we use mainly.

OK I can install fedora on the esx

So whare we should make the above changes on the apache in the linux?
It seems really interesting and I would like to learn this would you be able to explain in more details?

Example the website should be hosted where on the Linux that you just mentioned, I mean I am a little confuse right now

Just to added on this

We used ubuntu jeos 8.04 LTS in all king of virtual environnement to provide service like you need of reverse proxy and http.

So on ubuntu you run this on a newly install server

apt-get install apache2 apache2-doc openssl
a2enmod ssl
a2enmod proxy_balancer
a2enmod proxy_http

Then you edit the apache file for your web site agin on ubuntu it's here

vi /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/default

and you could put the code I have provided in that file and reload apache.

I wont have more time today sorry, I will let you look at this and be back monday.

I'm reading this,

I'm sure of this you cannot have two services running in same PORT.

You must find another solution,
Many ISP's block many ports but they can block it all,
so you have some other PORTS, 443 that means HTTPS,
and this one is not blocked i'm sure,and you can have a server HTTP in 80 and a exchange server in 443.
daveviolanteAuthor Commented:
Yes I agree and this is what we did already the issue indeed it's now solved

It is not the ISP blocking but the company where I work from EMC. From my company network I need to access my small company network and need to see my own website and my own Outlook web access

They allow 443 and 80 but not 8080

About the theory of two service through the same port it is possible in some special configuration such the one described above to use only port 80.

What was propose ( to put a reverse proxy ) to have multiple web site on 1 single ip is the only way to do this.

But this required linux knowledge.

A different way to achieve this would be to tunnel those 2 hhtp site through a single ssh connection or trought a VPN that you would pass on http ot https

Let me know if you would want to look at the tunnel way.

This is simpler to setup but will need minimal setup before connecting to your web sites.


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