Is it possible to install Exchange 2007 management tools on a server hosting Exchange 2003

Hi all,

We are currently hosting an Exchange 2003 x32 server environment and I am in the phase of troubleshooting a third party application with vendor support.
This application simply allows users to perform basic AD admin.
Vendor support have advised the next step to solve the problem is to upgrade the software to a newer version. However a requirement for the upgrade is that Exchange 2007 management tools are to be installed.
I am using a lab server to test the upgrade process however I have reached the issue of Exchange Management Tools not being able to install due to Exchange 2003 being detected.

I did expect to see this error somewhat but I would like to know if there is a possible workaround?
Maybe a command prompt to possibly install the management tools?

Any comments will be greatly appreciated
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Glen KnightCommented:
You will not be able to install the Exchange 2007 management tools on an Exchange 2003 server it will break your Exchange 2003 installation.

There is no reason why you cannot install the active directory tools and the Exchange Management Tools on another server though.

I am suprised that an Active Directory utility requires Exchange tools?
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