First, I took overa support gig which has vmware running. It has two servers on it
server 1 is sbs2003 running exchange and server2 has standard 2003 running a blackberry server:

I can go into vmclient and of course stop and start these servers but is that rebooting the sertvers (OS)?

- What is the best way to reboot both servers?
- Can this also be done at the console which is running the servers under vmware?
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coolsport00Connect With a Mentor Commented:
By console, do you mean via SSH?...or do you mean opening a VM Console window?

Since you have vCenter, you can configure your VMs to start/stop with the ESX host. Go to the Host in vCenter -> Configuration tab -> Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown -> Properties link. 'Enable' to "Allow virtual machines to start/stop with the host", then configure settings on the lower portion of the Properties window (order of VM bootup, etc.).

What version of ESX/i?...4 or 3.x? To reboot VMs, you have to do this individually. After logging in through your VI Client (or vSPhere Client if running v.4), then you can simply right-click on the VM -> Power -> Restart need to open the console window.

Yes, if you stop and start the virtual servers using the client, it is the same as rebooting those servers gracefully if they have vmware tools installed inside the OS.
You can also either RDP into those servers by treating them as normal physical servers and do reboot from there, same as if you use the console.

Hope this helps.
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vmwarun - ArunCommented:
1.Which product are you using ? ESX 3.X or ESX 4.X ?
2.Are you using vCenter to manage your hosts ?
glamoAuthor Commented:
its 4.x vshehere client and 4.0 vcenter
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
If you have VMware Tools installed in both the Virtual Machines, then you can use the Shutdown or Reboot Guest option which would shutdown or reboot your Guest VMs gracefully (stop services, save data, push data from buffer to disk)
If not, then you would have to treat VMs as physical servers, login directly using console or use RDP and shutdown or reboot them accordingly.
glamoAuthor Commented:
I can most likley to it from a client system but If I had to, How would I do it at the console (commands)

Also, i'm curiuos - if system (one Dell running two OS) shutdown by itself (power issue) and assuming when power came back up would vmware restart automaticlly or would system restart and would you need to restart servers manually through vClient?
vmwarun - ArunCommented:
You can set the VMs to restart automatically once the Host boots up.
You can start, shutdown and restart VMs using the vmware-cmd command.
For more command options use the link below 
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