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Change sequence flow in Installshield MSI with GOTO


I need to return back to my previous dialog. It is not the parent dialog, because sometimes it is disabled and in that case I need to go to the dialog before it.

Do you have any clue?
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Vadim RappCommented:
Create two NewDialog events, one going to one dialog, another to another, and specify conditions for each - probably involving the property basing on which the previous dialog gets disabled.

The dialog ReadyToInstall has button "Back" programmed that way - look at its Behavior - depending on the combination of properties' values, it goes to one of the 3 dialogs.
mirik123Author Commented:
vadimrapp1, Hi.

I'll take your solution form my previous question -- functions WiseNextDlg, WisePrevDlg.
Vadim RappCommented:
WiseNextDlg & Co. are taken from Wise product, where I tried it, and are implemented through Wise dll. If you are using Installshield, you'll want to do it using Installshield means.
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