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My client's GIS software is able to output a nice KML file with all of the coordinates and information. The KML file also seems to contain instructions for click events.

However, I need a sidebar. Now when I open the KML in Google Map an sidebar is automatically produced but when I open the KML using the Google Map API on my own site there is no sidebar.

How can I get a sidebar using the Google Map API?
Is there some feature in the API that I can simple activate? If so how?

If it has to be programmed:

1) Does the code need to be within the KML? What would that look like?
2) OR can it be java script used in conjunction with the KML? If so can someone give me or direct me to some sample code.
3)  OR ???

Thanks Jim

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Molnar IstvánHelpDesk / ProgrammerCommented:
here is an example , how to add a sidebar: more examples

hope i undestand correctly you question
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