Exchange Recipient Policy: Email Deletion in Folders outside Inbox

           I need to implement a new recipient policy to clean up email that is older then 12 months in all mailboxes. My testing has gone well but I have run into an issue where any folder that was created outside the inbox folder is not being scanned. This is with using the option to "scan all other mail folders."

For example, if a user created a folder under their mailbox, its not being scanned. I also tried adding the drafts folder to the list manually and it is not being scanned as well. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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Malli BoppeCommented:
Subfolders are processed only when you select all other mail folders in the maibox management.
jhsitAuthor Commented:
Yes, that is what I'm using. good news is it has started working. It appears to have been an issue with another policy which I have removed.
jhsitAuthor Commented:
I figured out the issue.
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