Remove html tags from ahref title tag

I have an app with the following markup in the code snippet below.

Works great but how can I remove the html tags from the ahref title tag?

The title tag is the href tooltip so when you hover over the link it displays the contents of "AnglerBio" but as this was inputted via rich text editor I get all the markup as well.  I just want the text
<a href="AnglerBio.aspx?bioId=<%#Eval("bId")%>" title="<%#Eval("AnglerBio")%>">

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add the following javascript to your page and call removeHTMLTags for AnglerBio content

/* This script and many more are available free online at
The JavaScript Source!!
Created by: Robert Nyman | */
function removeHTMLTags(){
       if(document.getElementById && document.getElementById("input-code")){
             var strInputCode = document.getElementById("input-code").innerHTML;
                    This line is optional, it replaces escaped brackets with real ones,
                    i.e. < is replaced with < and > is replaced with >
              strInputCode = strInputCode.replace(/&(lt|gt);/g, function (strMatch, p1){
                    return (p1 == "lt")? "<" : ">";
             var strTagStrippedText = strInputCode.replace(/<\/?[^>]+(>|$)/g, "");
             alert("Output text:\n" + strTagStrippedText);      
   // Use the alert below if you want to show the input and the output text
   //            alert("Input code:\n" + strInputCode + "\n\nOutput text:\n" + strTagStrippedText);      
mugseyAuthor Commented:
Could you give me an example of how to call the javascript please using my code snippet
mugseyAuthor Commented:
Infact I am using and the tooltip works fine when I run the app locally using cassini - its when I deploy onto dev server using IIS that the markup id displayed
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Akin DeluI’m a software engineer, tech enthusiast and UI/UX lover. Commented:
Is you a anchor in a grid?

It was not a good idea with javascript

use .net function

public static string StripHtml(string html, bool allowHarmlessTags)
   if (html == null || html == string.Empty)
     return string.Empty;

   if (allowHarmlessTags)
     return System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(html, "", string.Empty);

   return System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(html, "<[^>]*>", string.Empty);


<a href="AnglerBio.aspx?bioId=<%#Eval("bId")%>"
title="<%#this.StripHTML(Eval("AnglerBio"), false) %>">

# this.GetItemUrl( Eval("sku") as string )

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mugseyAuthor Commented:
OK thanks

Yes I think the .net option is better but would this strip out ALL html tags?


actually it must remove all XML tags, i.e. everything between "<" and ">"

mugseyAuthor Commented:
OK thanks

but I get compiler error

StripHtm(string, bool)' has some invalid arguments

this is markup

title="<%#this.StripHtm(Eval("Body"), false) %>">
mugseyAuthor Commented:
Infact I got the error to remove when I took out the "this" keyword
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