How to test the speed of UTP cable ?


We are having problems using a network, we suspect that could be anything wrong with the UTP Cable, is there any way to test it more that simply know if all the internal wires are correctly connected?

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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
Do your switches have LEDs to indicate traffic?  Are they all constantly flashing?  In other words, does it seem to be switch-specific?
Do you have good communications between point A and point B but not between point A and point C?  in other words, does it seem to be machine-specific?
Here are two utilities.  I can't vouch for either but they may help you get the information you're after. 
everything you need to know about UTP
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
What sort of problems are you having?
Lots of cable testers will do NEXT and FEXT tests as well as speed tests and simple connectivity tests.  
Do you suspect ALL cable in the installation or just some?  Is all the cable from the same batch/manufacturer?  Can you replace some of the cable with new to see if the problem is resolved?
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dimensionavAuthor Commented:
We have a slow performance in the network communication, I would like to test the speed conectivity considering that there would be complicated to replace the cable installation. I suspect that just some are in bad circumstances, but I don´t know which ones.
In my opinion, if the problem was a cabling issue it would not be a wide spread issue.  single PCs or single segments.  If the problem is more widespread, I would look into the switch logs.  Looking for collisions pointing to duplex mismatches or something.
for physical testing of cable.

- cable length should not be longer than 100 meters (check switch has repeater capability)
- check UTP cable tester :
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