Recover Exchange 2010 Database to new path

I am running Exchange 2010.

I am going through a dry run of my DR plan, and I need to recover databases from one Exchange server, onto another.  Here is where I'm at:


I have a Server2, also running exchange 2010.

What I need to do, is mount my databases from server1, onto server2, but in a different absolute path.

Example, if I go through the MS procedure, but keep the absolute path the same, meaning the db is located on \\server2\d\exch\db01\ then it works fine.

The issue is I need to mount it to a different absolute path.  I need to mount it in say \\server2\e\exch\db01

When I try to do this, i get errors.  I wonder if there is metadata in the database file itself that looks for that absolute path, and if so, is there an eseutil command to change that information prior to mounting the db?

This must be possible, all the database portability features in ex2007/2010 makes me think this should be fairly easy, once you know the procedure.

so the question is, has anyone recovered a database to a different server, using a different absolute path, and if so, how did you do it?  MSKB article with the procedure would be great.

I started here: but this doesn't account for different absolute paths.
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Vjz1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
i found the answer.  you have to use -recovery option when creating new database.
Vjz1Author Commented:
Also, i know about DAG's i just can't use them in my current setup.

I need to recover the DB files on a different EX2010 server, mount them, then perform the shell command to tell AD that the users mailboxes are now located on a different DB.

The crux is the different absolute path.  same path, on different server works fine, different path won't mount DB.

Using -Recovery  switch will treat the database as Recovery Database and not as a regular mailbox database. A recovery database is usually used to restore single mailbox/folder/email to the production database. A recovery database cannot be backed up.
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