Dell Vostro Windows 7 not starting properly

I know, the title is ambiguous, so I will try and make it a little clearer here.
Every evening my customer turns off their computer when the close up the office and go home.  And in the morning they turn it back on.  Here is where the problem is.  When they turn it on, it go through what appears to be a normal startup but when it gets past the normal "starting Windows" thing, the screen goes black.  It doesnt turn off... it just goes black.  And nothing happens.  She can go make coffee eat breakfast or whatever and nothing changes.  So she hits the power button and reboots the PC.  It comes up asking her how she wants to start the PC and she chooses normal mode and it comes up with no issues.  Works great the rest of the day (my solution was to tell her not to turn off the PC.. LOL)
Any idea what might cause this to happen?  And is there a solution?  :-)


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cataleptic_stateConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We had this problem last week, I solved it by putting in the windows xp CD (os for that machine) and doing chkdsk /r
at the command prompt. Fixed the problem straight away.

I think it could be a bug going around or something else such as a currpt startup.

jonmenefeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I will let the customer know.  Hopefully that will fix it :-)

run a start up repair from your win7 dvd.
jonmenefeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks :-)
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