IBM Thinkpad Z60m has no sound

I am unable to get the proper audio driver installed on a Thinkpad Z60m.  I had a failure od a T42 laptop, could not find a T42 replacement, so I put the system drive of the T42 into a Z60m and worked my way through re-installing the proper drivers for all devices. The PC seems to be working fine with the exception of the audio driver.  Tried Driver-Detective for $29.99 -- no luck. I have Googled myself to death, tried the Lenovo site, can't seem to find the right driver.

An Expert named Tim_Qui apparently solved this problem 4 years ago -- below is his accepted solution:

did you try this one;

But these sapphiretech links don't work anymore --  any suggestions on where I might get these drivers?  Other ideas?     THANKS!
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Have you got the original drive for the Z60?  If so, put it back in the machine, boot up and load DoubleDriver (  Copy the drivers to a pen drive or similar.

Swap the drive back, install doubledriver again and restore the drivers to the other drive.

HenryWilfredAuthor Commented:
I had no luck with drivers -- tried that before.  I tried the idea of DoubleDriver and I do have an original drive of the Z60m. I put it back into the PC and then found that I had little to no sound on the original!!! I do get a beep out of the thing on occasion.  Can't get any basic sound though - logon/logoff etc..  I go to control panel and click on "Sounds and Audio devices" and I get a screen that says "No audio Device"  --- Doesn't the base system come with audio???  I am using Windows XP.  I must be missing something very basic --- it IS plugged in, so I am past step one.  Arghhhh!
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What happens when you try to install the drivers I gave you links for?
HenryWilfredAuthor Commented:
Thanks edbedb,  When I tried to install the first one ---
I got this message (we are on service pack 3_
Setup has detected that the service pack version of the system is newer than the update you are applying -- no need to install"  couldn't install it.  
HenryWilfredAuthor Commented:

We are almost there. We found a service pack 2 version of the first download, then used your 2nd download and now we have SoundMax installed on the laptop and it works!  Thanks Thanks Thanks!

One more question -- Do you know why this was not on the base system installation of the Z60m -- shouldn't this be a part of the windows xp system that came with the PC?
Some PC's will have a restore disk that will have the OS and drivers that all install at once. some others will have a standard Windows install disk and provide the drivers for that specific model PC on another disk.
I assume you have the latter and misplaced or never had the drivers disk. That is a better option because it allows the option to do a repair install of the OS.
I must admit that I am a great fan of Lenovo Thinkpads and always recommend them to my customers.  You are the first person who has had problems with a lack of drivers on their base build that I'm aware of.

I admit the sound is pretty poor from Thinkpads and the graphics aren't the best in the world, but when used as a business machine they are solid as hell and last for years., which is why we spply them - it keeps our warranty costs down!

If you contact Lenovo, you can buy a set of install disks.  However, as you have the original hard drive, put it back in and when the operating system is up and running hit the Think button (it's blue).  You will have the option from this menu to create a set of recovery disks - you'll need 5 or 6 of them.  Create them and keep them safe.

Great news about the sound though.


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HenryWilfredAuthor Commented:
Thanks Snibborg,

Agree with your statements about Lenovo HW.  Thanks for some very timely help today -- much appreciated.
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