Dreamweaver PHP Recordsets

I created a simple lookup form in Dreamweaver to query a MySQL database.  Right now I have it looking up based on a single input.  I would like to use 2 inputs to do the lookup.  I know this is done in the advanced tab but I have no idea how to accomplish this.

Sorry for the poor terminology I am new to recordsets.

Screen shot may be helpful to understand my problem.
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you can specify multipe WHERE conditions using AND

Select AccountBal from table
WHERE PatronID = $patronvar AND Lname = $lastname
What do you want to "lookup"?

Do you want a "Chained" dropdown box where input 1 will determine input 2's content?

Or do you just want to load two different values?
fferrelAuthor Commented:
Currently I have it where they enter in the PatronID and it will output LName and AccountBal.  

I want it so they have to enter in the PatronID and LName to get the AccountBal.  No dropdowns just text.
fferrelAuthor Commented:
You rock man,  thanks again!
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