Cisco how to make a READ Only Admin Account

Hi all Experts:

I am new on Cisco, and my company have one of 2950.
And I have the root / enable permission for myself admininstration using...

But like what I said, my company using it as basic and I am new on Cisco.
I am wonder how to make a READ ONLY account for my assistant admin so he can help me check the switch setting, uptime, port are all working well.

3Com can make it by it GUI just a click, I had experience on 3Com Layer 2 switch

Thank you very much
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alewis9777Connect With a Mentor Commented:
sidetracked is correct in that you can use a tacacs to limit commands.  However, if you are running a small operation putting in a tacacs server can be overkill for what you are wanting to accomplish.

You can do this within the IOS code by using whats called role based CLI Access.  You will create parser views in which a specified user will log into that will allow them to only use certain commands that you choose them to be able to execute.

This document from cisco's site will show you about the parser views and how to configure to your liking.
Logon to cisco
 on config mode. router(config)#username "account" privilege 7 password "credentials"

logon to switch with username=account and password=credentials
there is no "read only" account in cisco ios.

without admin privileges u can't do much at all, not even view everything.

to have a good "read only" account u have to use a tacacs server where u specify the allowed commands for the user.

Thanks for the info alewis, i was unaware of this
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