How do I get the Out of Office Assistant in Outlook 2007 to work on a Windows 7 Home Premium pc connected to an Exchange 2010 server?

With it being Windows 7 Home, the user gets a pop up asking for his domain credentials when he opens Outlook.  This works fine and he can send and receive email without any problems.  The Out of Office Assistant keeps saying that the server is unavailable.  It works for him on the Terminal Server just fine running the same version of Outlook.

I have
1.  Installed the latest patches on the client
2.  Run Outlook with the /cleanfreebusy switch
3.  On the Exchange server, deleted and recreated the Exchange Web Services site.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Steve_RogersConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just got off the phone with Microsoft tech.  There are two options:
1- Create a new self-signed cert that will fix the issue but kill activesync.
2- Purchase a Multiple Domain cert for around $80 year and have everything work.

Looks like we will be going with Option 2.

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