Clean up cache from Outlook addresses

I use RPC over HTTPS for my Outlook.
On the Exchange server I had a Mail Contact called say Contact1 with an email like

In the meantime I deleted Contact1 from Exchange, but every time I type in the To box from New Email in Outlook, Contact1 shows up and sending the email fails.

How can I clean up the cache from my Outlook so To.. doesn’t guess what I want to type there?
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ultrapuggyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are having a problem with "autocomplete" in the To... box.

Deleting an address this nickname list is very simple: when you see it being suggested use the up or down arrow keys to highlight it, and then press delete.

Ctrl+K is a shortcut for the "Check Names" button. Check names will look at the characters you've typed so far and compare them to your address book entries. If there's only one match it completes the entry. If there's more than one match then it presents a list for you to choose from. And the list will not include items from the nickname list. But the name you just entered will get added to the nickname list so the next time you use it, it should be there.

ks_adminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with ultrapuggy, arrow down to highlight bad address, and select delete.

However, if there are a LOT of them, might be quicker/easier to just delete your Outlook profile, and recreate it.  That will remove ALL of them..  but if it's only a few, follow the first step.
Rick FeeConnect With a Mentor Messaging Engineer - Disaster Recovery EngineerCommented:
No need to delete the profile...if you want to remove all of the autocomplete addresses just delete the N2K file for the profile

Beyond deleting the entries pointed out here you can edit the N2K file with:  

Typical N2K location:
drive:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application  Data\Microsoft\Outlook

mihaiszAuthor Commented:
The easiest in my case was ultrapuggy's solution, but the other info was helpful too.
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