Windows 7 Logon Script Fails

Windows 2003 R2 Standard Dc sp2 server

file logon.cmd works on my vista win xp and on my old win 7 pc

just got this replacement pc from dell
windows 7 pro 64 bit

I can logon and access the network resources

my logon.cmd does not run

All it does is maps my home directory

I have it set up in the users profiles I do not use group policy

If that would be better to do please give me an example I tried to find it in the group policy but could not

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If you type:

net use x: \\servername\sharename

from a command prompt, does it map the drive properly?  

InserachofAuthor Commented:
no i get system error 85 has occurred

the local device name  is already in use

i did this net use h: \\nas200_ec55c6\users
Have you tried copying the logon.cmd script to your computer, and edit it to add a PAUSE statement to the end of it.

Then run it manually, and tell us what errors come out of it?

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InserachofAuthor Commented:

just did net use x:\\nas200_ec55c6\users  and it worked

can not do H:  ???????

I only have 1 internal drive     C

2 cd drives     D  and E

wonder what is doing this
If you go into Disk Management and look, are you sure there's nothing else using H: ?

Or, if you go to dos prompt and type in just NET USE  does it say there's anything mapped to H: ?

Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Is your home directory mapped to H:?  That would cause the behavior you described.
If you make a copy of the logon.cmd file and put it on your desktop, does it run? Are you logging on to this computer with an account that has local admin privileges? Both Vista and Win7 have issues running the login script in that situation.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
If you are using your login script primarily to map drives, you could use group policy Preferences instead.  On your Win7 machine, or a Windows 2008 server that is managing your group policies, go to: Users Configuration/Preferences/Windows Settings/Drive Maps. Right-click, go New/Drive Map and add your drive mapping(s) there.
InserachofAuthor Commented:
found tht i plugged in a jump drive to test something and it assigned the H drive as a removeable drive

after I reassigned the drive letter the logon.cmd script worked
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